Earthquakes, Friends, and Stubbornness


It’s a bright beautiful day. The sun is out and the birds are chirping. A couple of good friends are walking towards a hotel room on their way to check in. It’s probably the beginning of a great vacation. As they walk in one young man begins to talk to his companions. He is trying to figure some things out and would love the feedback and support of his friends. He begins, “You know I really sense that there is some sort of earthquake coming. Now, I am not sure if the Lord is speaking to me about a spiritual shaking or a literal earthquake?” He pauses for a moment a bit unsure of what he himself is asking. He continues, calm but confident,”You know I really believe it’s a literal earthquake, and I think people’s homes are going to be destroyed and there will be death.” He knows this is a heavy topic, but he also knows his friends can handle him saying things like this. Drawing from their strength and attention he states, “You know what’s the point of announcing anything like this? People are to stubborn, they don’t care about this stuff anymore, nor would it make a difference because no one would listen.”

Friends, family, and enemies as strange and sometimes bizarre these topics can feel and seem, let it be known that this is a biblical reality. Nations will give way to behaviors that are sinful , and openly reject and rebel against the one true God, Jesus Christ. Let it be known once again that God has a way of calling those whom He loves to repentance. Let it be known that from Genesis to Revelation, God has sovereignly and specifically allowed events such as natural disasters to have those whom He loves come to Him. Let it also be known that those who have chosen to stand in the gap for their communities have successfully protected them through the message of the gospel and power of the Spirit from great judgment as ambassadors of Christ. May your heart not shrink back, but allow the Lord to move you to prayer for a sinful nation that it may turn to God. May we turn to the Lord and stand in the gap for a fallen people who are facing imminent judgement. May we not allow the pains of the past and hurts of Church experiences to keep us from the Lord. May the Church not be found stubborn to the Scriptures, but may we engage it and allow all of its truths to cause a cry in our hearts to reflect Christ. In the name of Jesus! ”

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