A Word to the Abused,

You find yourself an outcast. You find yourself hurting and desperate. Your body and mind are only the jailhouse of a frustrated and tormented soul. Those around you reject you and every sneer only fuels your rage and pain. You wake up feeling like a wreck and go to sleep thinking of how horrendous you are, your night is filled with anxiety. Depression is not a good enough word to describe your current state. Eventually, your pain is so great it must be experienced by others. The only way to feel any relief is to let others feel a bit of the torment you have lived with every day. A rage takes over your mind, a beautifully tormenting sensation becomes your desire. Pain becomes satisfying, especially when seen in others.
My friend let me tell you of a close friend. His name is Jesus, lo and behold my God. I do not present you an ironman for God, instead I present you a man who lived a life full of suffering. Rejected by those He came to save, spat on by those he bled for, kissed by a betrayer, experiencing the worst experience humanity had to offer. Yet, resurrected giving all of us life, and not death. His cry being, Lord forgive them for they know not what they do.
Is this the cry of your heart? Do you hear the Savior telling you forgive the abuser for they know not what they do? Do you understand that you live in an imperfect world? Do you understand that you live in a world governed by death, evil, and pain in need of a Savior? Do you accept the Savior or the pain? Do you want freedom to live or pain to die by? Are you a part of the solution or will your actions only set you back more?
Take your pain to the Counselor, Jesus Christ-He will heal you and give you eternal life.

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