Oh death, where is your sting?

The Problem of Evil

Many in this world cannot comprehend that an all loving God and a world so full of evil can coexist. How can you preach to me about a God who heals, when my father just died of cancer? How can you tell me that God loves me if my son just died? These are the thoughts that sometimes run through the minds of believers and non-believers?
The idea that if evil exists, God does not exist is an idea that falls short. Before any serious explanation I would like to add that if this worldview is applied then there is no hope. If I hold to the idea that evil exists, therefore God does not, then I simply have no hope for all the evil that occurs. Adding to this, we must understand that evil cannot be attributed to God. If there is a God, then He must be Holy, Pure, and Good. We know there is a God, and for God to be God He must be perfect. Therefore, evil, darkness, and sin are made known because they stand separate of everything that God is. When God created, He took an immense risk, He created beings with a free will. He created human beings with a free will because he loved and cared for us. He wanted us to have our own personalities, ways of being, and enjoy life without being a programmed creation. But with free will came the choice to do evil. Evil was something that angels and humanity fell into by choosing to disobey God.
But why would God allow for His Creation to be tempted by evil? Because God never desired mindless followers. God has always wanted the heart of His Creation. He always wanted followers that truly loved him, so He allowed for a world that involved serious choices.
Humanity chose evil, yet being made in His image, and in His foreknowledge and plan of love and redemption, God never intended on giving up on us. The gospel story is the story of God experiencing evil at its darkest forms so that we could be brought back to life with Him. Christ came to save us from evil. Yet, if Christ came to save us from evil and ultimately redeem the world, why do we still find ourselves trapped in this world? Certainly, God must have an answer for this. The answer is simply this; God holds back His return when all evil will be ultimately dealt with because He desires that men be saved.
My friends while we are on this side of eternity, we have the answer to evil-Christ. We can choose to reject him and experience an eternity without hope, found in the family of evil, hell. Or we can accept Christ and allow Him to bring us to life in Him. As Christians our hope is found in Him and the fact that one day all our tears will be wiped away. For us, evil does not deter us or scare us because we have a heavenly ambition. We desire that the Lord be glorified, as He is the answer, that men be saved regardless of circumstance. We are the only ones that can sing oh death where is your sting. We face evil head on and call it out as weak. We proudly sing, oh death where is your sting, oh grave where is your victory?

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