Telling the Truth

In an American society, I think telling the truth is synonymous with being open about one’s life. A trend now-a-days is to “be real”: Don’t live as a hypocrite or be fake. I find that people become so involved with “not being fake”, “being open”, they think they have reached a moral standing because they associate “being open, not faking” with truth. One can be truthful about one’s life, but that does not make you a moral person.
As Christians, the Bible’s truth compels Christians to live Its truth both privately and publicly; however, if one has the Truth, that does not mean one uses the Truth. One may say they have the Truth, but that does not mean one speaks the Truth to others. I am not speaking about evangelism, but telling someone something they may not like to hear.
In our society, all kinds of people on all kinds of levels are open and showing they aren’t fake. Many of our friends are part of this trendy movement, however, are we as Christians telling them what they are being truthful about is harmful? Are we keeping our circle of friends accountable? In Ezekiel 33, God tells Ezekiel he must speak of the dangers that are coming to his people so that they can avoid them. God also says if Ezekiel doesn’t share the truth about the dangers, and people are harmed because they did not know about it, Ezekiel is responsible for the people. This passage can be interpreted to mean the dangers of not evangelising, but I think God is also saying that we need to share the truth about actual dangers in people’s lives. If a friend is in a bad relationship tell them the truth about the harm of it. If a friend enjoys suggestive images, both on and off the screen, tell the truth about the harms. If friends are not being wise with money, tell them the dangers of their unwise spending. If a friend purposely does not attend church, confront him with the truth about his actions.
I believe that God equates speaking the Truth with being accountable, not just evangelism. Since society thinks that being open about their actions is moral, they think this morality is a safeguard to any potential dangers. We need to tell them the truth about their perceptions they think are truths; however, as Christians we should be wisely telling the truth to people about their actions. Wisely tell the truth to people.

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