“Justice shall redeem Zion and righteousness her repentant people.Rebels and sinners shall be broken together and those who forsake the LORD shall cease to be.”
(Isaiah 1.27-28)

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light: Light has dawned upon them, dwellers in a land as dark as death.” (Isaiah 9.2)

“All of us used to live that way, following the passionate desires and inclinations of our sinful nature. By our very nature we were subject to God’s anger, just like everyone else.”
(Ephesians 2.3)

Suppose the act of sinning reveals a road. Disobedience owns a stage against GOD in this world.
GOD says, “Fine! Turn away. This choice is all yours. Live for yourself if you see it so…”
(You have a part to play in this story too. No one can so easily escape the human condition, for we lap-in sin and disgusting lies with our spiritual tongues as readily as we physically breathe. Taste-tasting, it has ended up in our bloodstream, permeating our cells. If we live, then we sin.)

You have two strangers to meet on this dark and abandoned road:
1.) The character of Lustful: The Actualization of Self-Will; He is is the destroyer of shame from doing wrong, the owner of the pleasure gardens of this world, a deeper devil

2.) The character of Repentance: The Actualization of GOD’s Will; destroyer of self-righteousness, owner of the fountains of everlasting life, the Angel of the Lord

Upon meeting these two characters on the road of sin, and after pleasantries are exchanged,
Repentance says, “Cut me open. Look inside of me. You’ll find a good gift there while you walk this dangerous road.”
Lustful passionately responds, “No. He is a bad fellow. Follow me. I’ll lead you… deeper! Deeper! Do what you want under the cover of darkness. Play with anything and touch all without shame. Just don’t touch me. Don’t look too deeply into my background. Don’t touch me or hurt me.”

Walking farther down the road of decision, an argument arises between the three of you,
Repentance speaks to you, “Are you still fighting inside of yourself? Do you even like this darkness? You wrestle not against brother nor sister nor vagabond. Now you fight against the dark powers of this world. Yes, it hides you in shadows but look at how it conceals all goodness and love and peace! Admit defeat. Take the knife and put it through me. I need you to see something.”

Lustful, angrily pulls you away from this conversation, whispering into your ear, “You must come with me. You’ll have no one better than me. We’re in this mess together, see? You have to follow. You’ve already stepped inside my home. Don’t you want to live without shame? You must do your heart’s will. It is not natural to deter it. This is oppression! Do not limit your potential. How beneficial it would be to act out all of your animal instincts. Lust a little. Take a swig. All these morals are subjective anyway! Live to the very fullest!”

Great indecision has come to you. Firstly, there is the wide road. It is comfortable and it doesn’t call for you to change. It is propping your feet up and listening to the world scramble around you. Plus, you’ll have fellowship will Lustful in this instance.
Now, were Repentance to be cut open, he would reveal a small figurine. No, even smaller than a tiny tin soldier, it is only as big as a memory of greatness. It is a thought, a whisper, a desire that calls the wanderer upward. But whatever it is, it’s living inside of the rib cage of Repentance! Your eyes could’ve missed the gift, except… look how all that unnatural light is flooding out of it! It’s as if you were meant to find a way out of this deep darkness. His internal secret is a way out, and you’ll know it when you see it!

On the other hand, Lustful still demands not to be touched. You cannot see much on him except the clothes that he is wearing. He insists that his owner will come and treat you like a guest in his house. He says that he will be given a big house indeed for the work that he does for his Master in this place (through a supposed, coming inheritance or a case to be settled in court). Catching him between lies, you can’t help but notice that he is all alone on this road and he is BENT on having you.

The True Nature Uncovered
Repentance—Instrument of the King of Kings (cleanses shame of transgression, liberty through bloodshed)
Lustful—Taking advantage of the weak-minded who are afraid of shame being exposed (Props up lies for rebels of GOD to live in comfort before the Final Judgment)

Repentance is a gift from GOD. If GOD had not founded it and made it on our behalf, then we would never had walked alongside Repentance, pick up conversation, and receive an offer of leaving the numbness of sin’s road through the blade piercing the sacrifice. The hurt of cutting through Repentance is relieved when we discover forgiveness prepared for us.
GOD’s voice, calling for wanderers to come back—to think about even becoming a slave to the Father, is this memory living inside of Repentance.

Lustful is a trick of Satan. It is the easy answer: Stay far away from the One whose Law we transgressed. It is the high order of the world—cover up fault, call sin a hobby, defer blame, deaden all senses to the point of shame no longer stinging. Lustful does not have a body, only bones. His emptiness is so pitiful that if we looked too long at him we might even be convinced to turn back to Christ’s offer. Lustful teaches that we can still walk naked without shame in the Garden of Eden, yet certain destruction awaits its practitioners.

In Christ,
Roman Daved Matysyuk

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