Does the Word of the Lord come to you?

Ezekiel 1:3″ …the word of the LORD came to Ezekiel the priest…ESV)”

This was no ordinary moment. The people of God were in exile, a priest supposed to be serving in a temple finds himself staring at a river in a foreign land. Yet, there was a truth that separated him from all other men, and that was that the word of the Lord came to him. What is so spectacular about the word of God? Well Gods Word carries within it the power of life and death. Gods Word is the most powerful thing there is, it has the power to bring forth life and the power to bring forth destruction. Gods Word to the Christian carries within it the grace to obey it. Gods Word is life to us who have died with Christ.

God could trust Ezekiel with the deep treasures of His heart. In this life we all find ourselves in extremely difficult situations, but does the Word of God come to us? Is His Word alive in our hearts? Is our refuge in His Word? This challenges me and it should challenge all of us also. Do we hear God whisper to our hearts in these moments of difficulty? It is my encouragement to all who may read this that the Word of God may find a good listener in you and me today. Our hope is that Gods Word may find a place to flourish and to grow in our hearts. Should we listen and allow it to be our standard we will find the strength within it to be overcomers.

God loves you, remain in Him, remain in His Word evermore. May you be a testimony that the Word of God is true and alive.

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